Tuesday at 8:00 PM

Uhol_92: Ponížení a krvilační

entry: presale 9 € / 4 € // at the door 12 € / 8 €

Text & direction: A. Vrzgula; dramaturgy: P. Galdík; scenography and costumes: A. Kutliaková; production: K. Andrejcová; music: Isobutane, M. Bulík, J. Ďurajka, M. Krajčír; starring: K. Gurová, L. Libjaková, P. Ondrejička

April belongs to the theme of power and struggles that do not need to be given up. In the month when we get to know the new president, Uhol_92 will also perform their production of Ponížení a krvilační (Humiliated and bloodthirsty) twice. The second performance will be on 23 April 2024 and will have English subtitles.

Uhol_92 was inspired by the work of Stefan Zweig and the positive, humanistic message captured in the title of his novel: A Conscience against Violence. What does the story of a 16th-century theocratic dictatorship teach us? The lowly and the bloodthirsty approach the eternal mechanism of power. Why are we still subject to self-appointed saviors? And how hard is it to find the strength in man to stand up to someone to whom we have placed an almost dangerous power in our hands?

Twice awarded the DOSKY Award for Best Direction and Best Costume Design, the production resonates powerfully in our post-election reality.

Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council and Bratislava City Foundation.

entry: presale 9 € / 4 € // at the door 12 € / 8 €