Sunday at 6:00 PM

Nu Dance Fest 2024: Choreographer in the ring – 7th round

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Nu Dance Fest and PULSAR present three rounds of action-packed interviews in their 2nd  season of the “ring” talkshow series, where the judge and moderator Honza Malík will invite leading choreographers of the Slovak contemporary dance art scene with significant experience of working abroad to present an artistic battle for visions, goals and values that enable the formation of a free society.

The dynamics of today is fast-paced. We are surprised by the audacity and illiteracy of some politicians who try to impose a “manual for life” across the board. All the more reason to act and create, but also to meet, talk, share and consolidate the unity and strength of free-thinking people. Dance is an important platform for such encounters and dance makers are unmissable artistic personalities who are aware of the depth and essence of being.

Language: Slovak, Czech

Idea, concept: Tereza Krčálová, Honza Malík
Script, editing: Katarína Cvečková
Script collaboration, dramaturgy, moderator: Honza Malík
Outdoor camera: Leonardo Bertazzo (IT)
Technical support: NDF24 team
Production: Honza Malík, Martina Kotláriková
Co-producer: Nu Dance Fest 2024
Supported by: BeInternational project, Štěpán Zahálka, PLOVE, BaladaSITE

entry: free entry