Sunday at 8:00 PM

Nu Dance Fest 2024: Simone Sandroni: Let There Be Light (premiere)

entry: presale 9 € / 5 € / 1 € // at the door 12 € / 8 € / 2 €

What is there before love is born, or life is born, or before a stage performance; what gives birth to love and what gives birth to a show? Where do the images, the sounds, the noises that pierce the silence or that comfort the spirit come from and where does the light that cuts through the obscurity or that reassures us and guides us through the darkness come from? And what, why or who is behind all this, where and when can we find the answers or causes? And I still wonder where tragedy, laughter and poetry come from.

After the performance, there will be a discussion with the creators of the show. The discussion will begin approx 10 minutes after the end of the performance and will be moderated by Dáša Čiripová.

Direction, choreography: Simone Sandroni
First idea: Honza Malík
Dramaturgy: Petra Fornayová
With: Gréta Gerbocová, Michal Kušnier, Naďa Štefániková, Cyprián Šulej and The Performing Tribe Comp.
Technical support: Juraj Čech, Jozef Čabo, Martin Hodoň, Robert Klváček
Technical supervision: Boris Adamčík, Peter Dolog

entry: presale 9 € / 5 € / 1 € // at the door 12 € / 8 € / 2 €