Sunday at 7:00 PM

Divadlo Trio Olga: Memoroom

entry: presale 9 € / 4 € reduced // at the door 12 € / 8 € reduced

Authors and performers: Peter Cseri, Monika Haasová, Daniel Raček, Andrej Šoltés; performers: Heidi Šinková, Veronika Stieranková; concept/script/direction: Monika Haasová; dramaturgy: Peter Pavlac, scenography/costumes: Matej Gavula, Iveta Haasová; music collaboration: Ján Kružliak ml.; light design: Martin Hodoň; production: Sára Šmelková

MEMOROOM is a surrealistic tragicomedy of the physical theater TRIO OLGA. They play with the themes of memory loss, identity, one’s own thoughts, love and reality.

What would happen if we suddenly triggered some memories all at once? What if they emerged in one room, broken down into a jumble of unrelated situations and painfully unintelligible fragments? Would we be able to reassemble the story of our lives?

The Memoroom project is a stylized theatrical attempt to capture the processes of memory. Divadlo Trio Olga perceives it not only as a passive mirroring and storing of images of the past, but mainly as an active factor in perceiving, judging and shaping our presently experienced reality.

But… maybe they’re just trying to understand their lives, to ask questions about their relationships, thoughts, and even the structure of their reality.

This performance is in Slovak.

The project was supported using public funding by the Slovak Arts Council.

This event is organized by the Divadlo Trio Olga, so the A4 annual membership card does not apply.

entry: presale 9 € / 4 € reduced // at the door 12 € / 8 € reduced