Friday at 7:00 PM

Students’ festival of contemporary music ORFEUS

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Performers include students of composition of AFAD, former graduates, guests and musicians. Main organizer and pedagogical guidance of students: M. Zavarský.

The 23rd edition of the Orpheus Festival brings a number of interesting concerts presenting the latest works by young composers from the Department of Composition and Conducting of the Academy of Performing Arts. Orfeus Elektroakustik will feature young, cross-genre electroacoustic works as well as a presentation of multimedia works for film or gamescoring and sound design for a new computer game, created exclusively for the festival. The concert will feature works by composers Laura Poláčková, Viktória Kürthy, Tereza Jaďuďová, Aleksandra Gudková, Robert Kolář, along with works by former alumni and guests.

entry: free entry