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Art’s language is A4’s English friendly podcast, about how to approach contemporary culture in an international environment. Each episode will feature interviews of artists and people working in the cultural sector, and focus on a particular type of artistic expression, in relation to A4’s programme.

In the third episode, we discussed Slovak and international literature scene in Bratislava with the Slovak writer Michal Hvorecký and Bratislava city library’s PR manager, Michaela Kučová.
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In the second episode, we discussed contemporary poetry as a modern form of expression that can cross borders with the Slovak poets Michal Tallo and Mária Ferenčuhová.
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In the first episode, we discussed the idea of dance as an international way of expression with the dancer and choreographer Petra Fornayová and A4’s managing director Nina de Gelder.
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A4’s international podcast, Art’s Language, is created by European Solidarity Corps Volunteers hosted by A4, Elia Chervier and Marcelo Maderuelo Sacido.  The podcast has been created with the support of the European Solidarity Corps Programme, and from public funding from the Slovak Arts Council and Bratislava City Foundation.

We also have a slovak podcast! Check it out here.