10 ambient albums which … we will listen to at the music lecture Futurit

Inconspicuous, discreet but also catchy, emotional and un-musical. Sometimes you can dance to it, some of it can make you cover your ears in its intensity. Ambiet had been a part of the contemporary music for more than forty years. In 1978 Brian Eno wrote its manifesto – and this definition is used till this day. 
Here is the ten key albums of the genre, released in the last forty years. Listen, contemplate and come to hear more (both music and information) on 18th of October with Peter Dolník and its lecture Futurit.
The journey to the North Pole was never easier. Biospher’s Substrata are the sounds of breaking ice, snow storm rushing through the icy plateaus and
occasional planes flying above.
Groundbreaking album for the ambient techno and IDM, a trace of the time when mutating of genres was new and revelatory. SAW 2 is pure ambient, the number 1 can be an intro to other types of music, somewhat a duty to listen to for every music fan.
Old magnetophone strips and tapes are not to be thrown away, ever, even when they are already unusable. Cause you never know, they might be the start of another beautiful piece music. That’s what the composer William Basinski found out – recording these huge four epics.
Veteran Wolfgang Voigt and his techno operas or digital symphonies – robust and monumentally sampled music with narcotic effects.
Album full of georgeus melodies that are hard to get rid of once they’re in your head. Project of two important music producers of the ninetees. Music that comes out of Chillout from KLF and cosmic discoveries of The Orb. Search and look deeper!
Not the first or last album, not even an especially exceptional. But it’s a simply beautiful and emotional music. Musical, made of organic sounds. The topic of the album Apollo is the universe. And country.
Chilling compilation of contemporary electronics and ambient by the label PAN. One of the best electronic albums of the last year.
Collection of sound storms that leave only an empty havoc behind. And maybe predict our future.
One more example of good ambient being made in America. The never-ending plains of Texas and witches and drones of Stars of the Lid.
Japan and the eightees, that’s Ryuichi Sakamoto and YMO and much more great music that was only discovered with the digital age. Midori Takada and her modest and calm minimalism is exceptional. The Japanese had always felt through things differently.