November 20

Czech and Slovak theatre to reminiscent over 1993 together

In the times of the one-hundredth anniversary of the independent Czechoslovakia A4 – space for contemporary culture brings you a contemplation over the last days when we still were Czechoslovakia. The theatre production by Czech and Slovak authors called 1993 will talk about the contemporary generation’s view on the split of the two of “our” countries on 24th of November.

Two countries, two languages, two couples and two actors. Pavla DostálováŠimon Ferstl, Adam Joura and Tomáš Pokorný worked on the text of the intimate theatre play together. With the direction by Silvia Volmannová they examined the split of Czechoslovakia from different angles, accompanied by music by Orinoko and art direction by Ľudmila Bubánová the four actors explore the division with humor and irony. The main motivation of the text is an attempt to get to know each other better (but also get to know ourselves better from the inside). 1993 will bring an authentic story about the times not that old. Are they forever gone?

The Na Cucky Theatre is an independent theatre ensemble that operates in Olomouc since 2013. The repertoire of the theatre is wide and oscillates somewhere between classical drama and modern scenic dance. The form and the aesthetics of the performances are always contemporary and often reflect on the current cultural and political happenings. In the ensemble of Na Cucky Theatre there are not only theatre professionals, the company also includes creatives and artists from the fields of animation, architecture, film, music or printmaking. The colorful background of the theatre members is one of the reasons the repertoire of Na Cucky Theatre is so varied, bringing a specific poetics and visuals, love for the experiment and alternative visions of contemporary theatre performances together. The performances often take place outside the classic theatre spaces – in abandoned buildings, pubs or are open air.

The theatre of Peter Mankovecký came to life as a group of students of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava wanting to rehearse and play together after school. Their first performance was premiered in 2015 and since then all the members graduated school and the theatre became one of the youngest independent theaters at Bratislava’s alternative scene. Besides their own projects their bring a dramatically daring texts by contemporary European authors. DPM collaborates with the most interesting directors of the Slovak and Czech Theatre and reflects the current realities without the fear of controversies.

The Na Cucky Theatre from Olomouc and Bratislava’s Theatre of Peter Mankovecký have a lot in common – the open-minded attitude towards experimenting and combining own projects with contemporary texts, or the pure courage to examine controversial topics of the current political situation. Na cucky Theatre and Theatre of Peter Mankovecký will meet in 1993. The coproduced play will try to look for answers about the young generation’s view of the current political situation and the Slovak and Czech relationships that had determined it. The play will keep the signature approaches of the two collaborating Czechoslovak theatre ensembles and use their different and yet so similar languages.