Thursday at 8:00 PM

Divadlo SkRAT: Umri, skap a zdochni…!!!

Authors, performing: V. Bednárik, Ľ. Burgr, D. Vicen, V. Zboroň, cut film recordings: P. Víťaz, camera Z. Piussi, D. Vicen, music by: M. Piaček, music recorded by: Požoň sentimentál, song written by: Ľ. Burgr, director: D. Vicen

Optimistic lethal opus about football teams that are falling apart, God does not love vulnerable and masochism is a wonderful thing! Furthermore, the admirable ability to fall in love several times a day to different women, but also that not everyone is able to carry as many inputs and outputs. Also, the specifics of Slovak Tantra, the phenomenon of intelligent lover, proclaiming the arrival of the new man and other notabilities…