Sunday at 6:00 PM

FRESH AIR: Brothers + God Bless the Child

Brødre, réžia Aslaug Holm, NO, 102 min., norwegian with english sub.

Brothers Markus and Lukas are brothers and the sons of the Norwegian filmmaker Aslaug Holm, who over the course of more than eight years has filmed their childhood and youth from when they were five and eight years old. The result is an unusually poetic home movie.

God Bless the Child, réžia Robert Machoian, Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck, US, 92 min., english

God Bless the Child Four young boys and their 13-year-old sister are left at home alone by their mother in a house in California. Forever, or just for the rest of the day during which the film takes place? The mother’s disappearance forms a (fictional) setting for a film that is lively, spontaneous and impulsive, as only a film about five (real) siblings aged 1 to 13 can be, when all of a sudden everything is allowed.

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