Wednesday at 6:30 PM

Melody of Noise + In Pursuit of Silence

Melody of Noise, directed by Gitta Gsell, CH, 86 min., german wit english sub.

Everything may be music – if only we are ready to hear it. Some people seek music in old factories and scrap yards building peculiar instruments out of household appliances or waste. There are also those who can find music in completely undisturbed sounds of nature. The film presents collectors of sounds that uncover the unlimited wealth of the phonosphere around us.

In Pursuit of Silence, directed by Patrick Shen, US, 81 min., english

In our race towards modernity, amidst all the technological innovation and the rapid growth of our cities, silence is now quickly passing into legend. In Pursuit of Silence is a meditative exploration of our relationship with silence, sound and the impact of noise on our lives.