Saturday at 8:00 PM

Fresh Air: Lean Left, Shibuya Motors feat. Dymny, Kern, Pándi

Performance of “supergroup” Lean Left is major league jazz-punk experience. Virtuoso saxophonist Ken Vandermark and phenomenal drummer Paal Nilssen-Love (just remember NEXT festival) know how to lean into it. And when guitar petrel The Ex, Andy Moor and Terrie Ex (known for original combining elements of rock, improvisation, traditional folk music and noise) are involved, it would be great multi-genre ride. This special set promises energetic, freely improvisational “avant-core” project Shibuya Motors – slovak experimentalists Slávo Krekovič (electronic music) a Miro Tóth (saxophone, vocal). As usual, it will be hurricane of sound, but this time it will be rare “extended version” of this band. Popular drummers – Balázs Pándi from Budapest and Austrian dd kern join this duo with Polish guitarist Michal Dymny. Last year album of this band was nominated for Radio_Head Awards in category for Experimental music.

Project Fresh Air: Current Tendencies in Music, Media Art, Theatre and Cinema is realized by A4 – space for contemporary culture and supported by EHP grants and state budget SR by total of 160 430 €.

Saturday / 20.00 / concert / 7 € / 6 € presale