Wednesday at 8:00 PM

Iná hudba + Kladivo / Krekovič / RBNX

Director Pavel Smejkal, Peter Zákuťanský, SK, 26 min., Slovak

Experience, not just a obligatory tribute. The documentary Iná hudba is a collective portrait of electro-acoustic realizators of several generations, who meet themselves on the ground of the legendary radio Experimental studio Bratislava. Sound masters, “engineers in white coats,” in creative tandem with composers, they were the most inconspicuous and the unknown half to the public, but their technological invention was irreplaceable in new process of creation.

In addition, the concert premiere of a new electroacoustic set of well-known musicians of Slovak experimental scene, who were in some way connected with the Experimental Studio or with the film: J. B. Kladivo, Slávo Krekovič and RBNX.