Sunday at 7:00 PM

We are not 4 without a culture

Sunday / dance, theatre and discussion / 7 € / 5 € students / 2 € students VŠMU, AU, conservatories

For the fourth time, the Bratislava Self-Governing Region prepares an event for support of theaters in Banská Bystrica connected with a discussion on the relationship between culture and society, responding to the interventions of the management of Banská Bystrica region in cultural events and artistic production from the recent period. This time, the theater program is dedicated to children and teenagers – Divadlo Štúdio tanca from Banská Bystrica will present a new fairy tale – Pastierka vlkov and Bábkové divadlo na Rázcestí will show Náukobeh slovenčiny. On Saturday after the performance, guests Zuzana Hájová, Iveta Škripková and Pavol Frešo and ethnomusicologist and redactor Jana Ambrózová will talk about a power of art and art of a power.

19.00 Bábkové divadlo na Rázcestí – Náukobeh slovenčini

Organized by the Bratislava Self-Governing Region.