Saturday at 8:30 PM

Festival OCHOTNÍCI, CONTINUO Hommage à Milan Brežák (DISK, Trnava)

Starring M. Babicová, J. Belica, M. Brežák, D. Duban, S. Ištoková, Z. Jankowská, B. Mosný, V. Ostatníková, J. Rampák, A. Sersenová, P. Tilajčík, Art cooperation M. Struhárová, Musiuc J. Belica with the use of the song Marseillaise, Sounds M. Žák, Director B. Uhlár

The play was created by the collective creative method started on the 5th of April 2016. The play used monologue of Oscar from the Ingmar Bergman film Fanny and Alexander. The theater company DISK continues in its sixty-second seasons as the title implies. It continues despite it was met with a big loss when spiritus movens Milan Brežák left them forever. He was involved from the beginning of the play’s creation but did not live to see its premiere. Nevertheless, he still acts in the play, even if only in video shots. The staging is an homage to this important person. The company was moved to great heights and the fact that the Marseillaise is heard in the play implies that the time is ripe for a revolution. Milan was a revolutionary.