Monday at 8:00 PM

Lichens (USA), Charon (SK)

6 € presale / 8 € at the gate

The face of last month’s Wire magazines front page live in A4! Brooklyn based performer, composer and vocalist Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, also called Lichens is not only a synthesizer shaman, which he can control really in-depth, but his hypnotic performances have a very personal and intimate vibe. From meditative surfaces to melodic decompositions and singing, reminiscent of the ritual music of some unknown civilization, Lowe is certainly one of the most particular figures on the world scene. His new 12‘ was published this summer by the label DSS, who is managed by other well-known electronic musicians such as Demdike Stare.

Another exclusive modular set will be played by the Bratislava musician known as Charon.