Monday at 8:00 PM

Všetko čo mám rada / Objekty výskumu

Všetko čo mám rada – Everything I love (Strategy for sustainable development)

Sustainable development is targeted, long-term, complex and synergic process, which influences the conditions and all aspects of life. It aspires at such a functional model, which fully satisfies biological, material, spiritual and social needs and interests while eliminating or significantly hindering interferences which endanger, damage or destroy the conditions for, and forms of, life.

Objekty výskumu – Research objects

The play Objekty výskumu works with the theme of manipulating primary perceptions under the influence of various types of information. It questions the possibilities of objectively judging a work, rational versus emotive perception. Therefore in the play, both the actors and the audience become research objects.

Organized by AST – Association of contemporary dance Repeat performances were supported by public fund by the Slovak Arts Council.