Saturday at 6:00 PM

DRAMA QUEER 2017 // Naked Soldier / Nils Wilkinson, Germany

Starring N. Wilkinson, directed by M. Granja / in Slovak

In 60’s and 70’s Austria, Alvin discovers that he desires men and he finds out that his staring at men, both in public and in private, has to be kept a secret. In order to give in to his desires, he has to come up with a survival strategy: Reveal himself to similarly thinking people, stay invisible to those who believe that even a living room is public space. He learns to move in these spaces and to take up different forms. He speaks about it and about his endless search for new men around the world as he asks himself a question if he could ever stay with a single one and what could he find out, that he doesn’t know yet, after so many men he knew.

The performance is followed by a discussion with the troupe.

Adapted for theater by Nils Wilkinson and Miguel Granja based on the novel by Belemen O.

Organised by Nomantinels