Wednesday at 10:00 AM

Sláva Daubnerová: Solo lamentoso

Author, Director, scene and costumes, starring S. Daubnerová, Choreography R. Ptačin, Music and sound design M. Gyárfáš, Light design S. Šmálik, Lights J. Ptačin, Sound B. Adamčík, Translation M. Garajszki, Z. Gulyás, Background voices by S. Daubnerová, P. Vajdová, J. Gallovič

A trivial tale about the growing aversion between people, which creates the impression that extremism is also born this way.

Solo lamentoso is based on a real story which recently appeared in the media. Authenticity and documentary is connected by the conceptual experimenter Sláva Daubnerová, with fiction in order to postulate fundamental questions about the limits of humanity and the existence of a person – an outsider in our society.

Repeat performances are supported by public funds by the Slovak Arts Council.