Saturday at 8:00 PM

VENI 30 (2)

Koncert pri príležitosti 30. výročia založenia súboru VENI ensemble – Concert: 30th anniversary of VENI ensemble groups founding

Program: La Monte Young: Composition 1960 #7, Daniel Matej: MORSeARIA, Karlheinz Stockhausen: Aus den sieben Tagen (election), Terry Riley: In C.

Starring VENI ensemble/ VENI ACADEMY, musical leader, and conductor Daniel Matej. The group VENI ensemble was founded in the House of Slovak Composers in Dolná Krupa in 1987. Since its first public concert in February 1988, it became an undoubtedly unique musical group of its kind, not just in the first phase of its existence, but also in the complicated nineties “years of freedom”, which significantly profiled the avant-garde music scene in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. In later years, the key members of the ensemble have been devoting their time to pedagogical work in the VENI ACADEMY.

At their second birthday concert, the group will perform several repertoire pieces, including the “group anthem” the famous Terry Riley In C.