Thursday at 6:00 PM

Poézia demokracie / Vznik Československa Founding of Czechoslovakia

Moderated by Lukáš Krajčír, panelists Iveta Radičová, Bohumila Ferenčuhová, Mária Stanková

„Democracy conquered the theocratic autocracy. Militarism is destroyed – democracy prevails; – humanity will be reorganized on the basis of democracy. The powers of darkness served for the victory of light – the awaited period of humanity arrives. We believe in democracy – we believe in freedom and in freedom which is always bigger and bigger.”

On the 18th of October 1918 Masaryk, Štefánik and Beneš published the Washington declaration. In the world of poetry Rázus, Krčméry and Uram-Podtatranský judged the monarchy, serfdom, chauvinism and welcomed republic, democracy, and independence. Poetry of democracy is a multigenre cultural-education format about society, history and literature which through the scope of Slovak activist poetry focuses on, during the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Czechoslovak Republic and in the times of the rise of the far-right and far-left, the importance of democracy, as the, so-far, most suitable social and political system.

In cooperation with o.z. Ladon and Project Batyskaf. Supported by the Slovak Arts Council from public funds.