Monday at 7:00 PM

Poézia demokracie / Masaryk – Poetry of democracy/ Masaryk

Moderated by Lukáš Krajčír, Panelists Dušan Kováč, Andrej Findor, Mária Stanková

„Democracy does not mean reigning, but working to secure justice. And justice is the mathematics of humanity.“

Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk. Was not just the head of Czechoslovakia, but in the Czech and Slovak region, the father of a modern liberal-democratic worldview. He planted ideas, which we value, defend and spread to this day and which found their place in Slovak interbellum poetry. Let us dive into the wide literary-social phenomenon that was Masaryk. Poetry of democracy is a multigene cultural-education format about society, history and literature which through the scope of Slovak activist poetry focuses on, during the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Czechoslovak Republic and in the times of the rise of the extreme-right and extreme-left, the importance of democracy, as the, so-far, most suitable social and political system.

In cooperation with o.z. Ladon and Project Batyskaf. Supported by the Slovak Arts Council from public funds.