Thursday at 6:00 PM

Ružovou na hnedú! – With Pink against Brown!

„You can now feel on your own skin, what your mothers felt when they closed the doors in front of them and told them to shut their mouths, you feel it because you are Jews, democrats or you belong to some race or to religion.” On International Women’s Day let uso remember these words from Virginia Wolf, which she wrote in her 1938 essay Three Guineas. We will present our antifascist reading book, which we are currently preparing because we cannot idly look at the hate spreading in society. We will read from spicy texts and talk about what feminism has in common with anti-fascism. We will reveal what the motto With Pink against Brown! means and why a pink book edition is not about being cuddly. Bring your own book, which should be missing and read it for us.

Organized by ASPEKT a the Slovak Czech Women’s fund.