Thursday at 8:00 PM

Divadlo SkRAT: Extrakty a náhrady

7 € / 5 € students / 2 € VŠMU, AU, conservatoria students

Authors and starring I. Hrubaničová, Ľ. Burgr, M. Chalmovský, V. Zboroň

The inscenation, which received the award of the international jury, GRAND PRIX, the award of the Bratislava viewer at the New Drama festival and was nominated for the award of the Tatra Banka foundation.
„You love that person, fuck you love them, but it’s not possible, you can’t be with them. You can’t lay next to them and if you do, next morning you feel six. Doesn’t exist. Then they play. How can they live this way? Fuck it.”

The inscenation was created thanks to the support of the BSK Regional Dotation Scheme.