Thursday at 8:00 PM

Dezorzov’s marionette theater, A. B. Pain: JÁN O ŠÍK + book launch: Lútkohry

7 € / 5 € students

Marionetteers K. Kollárik, A. Maďar, H. Turban, M. Mitaš, G. Dezorz, directed by G. Dezorz, script A. B. Pain, scenography and marionettes Von Dubravay, dramaturgy Santanelli, music Stroon

Dezorzov’s marionette theater, the only marionette theater for adults in Slovakia is presenting a real delicacy. The legend of our history, the legendary outlaw Juraj Jánošík is back! The uncanny bandit, an icon, rebel of the Slovak folklore is coming to the podium in the dramatic adaptation of the famous Slovak poet, author and scenarist Agda Bavi Pain, who brought the brigand back to life in a new, bloody, vampire tale. Marionette theater enthusiasts can look forward to a cruel social satire of contemporary social maladies, absurd political decisions of the powerful and ludicrous religious conflicts. The book launch of Lútkohry: a collection of theater texts from Dezorov’s marionette theater, published by the Drewo&Srd publishing house, will be a part of the evening’s production.