Friday at 8:00 PM

Divadlo SkRAT: Stredná Európa ťa miluje – Central Europe loves you // SOLD OUT

7€ / 5€ students / 2€ VŠMU, AU and conservatoria students

Design and concept D. Vicen, authors and starring V. Bednárik, I. Hrubaničová, V. Zboroň, D. Vicen, musical cooperation Ľ. Burgr, song used: Andreu Bocelli and Indira Radia adapted for a quintet of brass Instruments by M. Piaček, music recorded by Slovak Brass Quintet, scenic execution by D. Vicen a and actor collective

Classic-avantgarde, nonpolitically-political, folklorebrutal, pseudointellectual comedy which questions and confirms the existence of something, usually referred to as a „central European cultural context”.