Thursday at 7:00 PM

Teasing #10 / Acidmilk

Voluntary entrance fee

The Junes guest will be Acidmilk, who has a very broad musical scope. Apart from taking part in the electronic project Amen Tma and the experimental doom metal group 0N0, he has his own solo electroacoustic project named Odpal. He is also very familiar with traditional Indonesian music, which shows on his work. He even leads an orchestra of Bali gamelan in Bratislava. It’s also worth mentioning that his a part of the collective and label LOM, which focuses on experimental music from central and eastern Europe. Acidmilk, when it comes to music and production, is mostly fascinated by the reactions and feedback from listeners (especially his own) that his music can create and by creating various sound experiments.

Moderated by Tea Tralna.