Thursday at 6:00 PM

Futurit / Musical cities: #Los Angeles


The cycle of musical lectures with Peter Dolnik. Los Angeles is a relaxed city and the local music scene is influenced by an exceptional positive climate. More music is created here than in other cities combined. There are as many things going on here as in NYC, just less hectically. Moreover, music has better conditions here. Los Angeles is mostly hip-hop, LA has hip-hop in its DNA: G-funk, but also Kendrick or Odd Future. Rock music has its tradition since the sixties. The most important bands of the genre come from the UK and then from LA. Regardless if you grew up in the eighties, nineties or two thousands you must have listened to some of them. And then there is the local beat scene: that weird, yet adventurous music, which than years ago flummoxed many: Brainfeeder, Flylo, Thundercat and many others. Its mare can be found in our scene as well. And a few remarkable individuals to go along with it: Beck, Ariel Pink or Warpaint.