Wednesday at 6:00 PM

Palo Fabuš: Passionate imagination towards a holistic Me

lecture / free entry

Technology and thought – lecture cycle on media philosophy

Even the most honest opinion, motive or evaluation fades away, softens and withers when we label it as subjective. Face to face with the world we call for reliability and impartiality of objectivity – it is a sharper and stronger weapon. Yet we live in a world where such underrated subjectivity is promoted as a leading and moving force. Based on Deleuze’s interpretation of David Hume the lecture aims to draw attention to the character of the subjects, its laws, and particularities. In free subsequence to the whole cycle, fiction and bias are presented as essential constructive elements of reality.

Palo Fabuš studied information science, media theory, and sociology. He is the head director of the magazine Umělec and has a long-term interest in the relationship between digital technology and the human burden.