Thursday at 8:00 PM

Prevaha dobrého – Prevalance of good / Banska Bystrica dance studio

entry: 7€ l 5€

Directed by Z. Ďuricová Hájková, choreography T. Trulik, Z. Ď. Hájková, Hudba  M. Háasz, light design J. Čief, videoart L. Matejka, interpretation T. Trulik, L. Mičincová, M. Mirtová, I. Paladin, L. Tomao, M. Turcerová, P. Pondelík, S. Juráš
The fascinating river current can, when in abundance, spill out of its course. This spill can have two effects: once a blessing, when it irrigates the dry soil and gives new life and energy; at other times a disaster, when it drowns houses, destroys dams and claims lives. Our own river of emotions can spill in various ways; it can give growth and irrigate, or reversely grow destruction. What will prevail?

entry: 7€ l 5€