Saturday at 8:15 PM

Nu Dance Fest 2019 / kfQW / ME-SA: man shape revised 2019 (CZ/NO) premiere

entry: 7 € / 5 € students

Dance M. Hajdyla Lacová, D. Raček, concept and choreography K. Foss, D. Raček, music J. Knudsen, text L. Muraglia a K. Foss, lights and set design S. Sælensminde, K. Ďuricová, film V. Heide

What do we consider masculine and man-like? The performance originally came to life in 2011 as a solo for male dancer, Daniel Raček. In 2019 it comes back in an extended version of two solos for man and a woman. The main topic of the performance is the perception of masculine and feminine characteristics and their intertwining.

After the performance a discussion with the creators will take place.

Organized by the Association of Contemporary Dance.

entry: 7 € / 5 € students