Saturday at 2:00 PM

Workshop: Modular synthesis with VCV Rack III

entry: fee 10 €

The practical workshop for the enthusiasts of electronic sounds continues with its third edition. The open-source program VCV Rack is becoming increasingly popular amongst musicians that are tempted to work with the popular modular synthesizers. Lead by Ondřej Spiritz this time the workshop goers will concentrate on how to connect the modules of the synthesizers and refresh your creations using generative structures. We will also look into its possible use in different musical genres. For taking part in the workshop it is necessary to go through the previous two editions.

Bring your own laptop and earphones. The fee for the workshop is 10 EUR and the capacity is limited so register soon at:

Brought to you as a part of the project of the international cooperation Re-Imagine Europe co-financed by the program of EU Creative Europe and by the Slovak arts council.

entry: fee 10 €