Friday at 8:00 PM

“易文” Shades of Change*

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Shades of Change is a dance performance inspired by Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang and the five elements from the book Zhouyi (Book of Changes). Choreographed by Italian choreographer Annarita Mazzilli the performance examines the idea of “harmony” through contemporary dance and reflects the statement from the book Zhouyi that says “the heaven and the man are connected as one to reach the state of balance”. In the world of Yin Yang the five elements from eight trigrams are presented as something to refresh the mundane every day of our lives. Elements such as keys playing colorful melodies of different colors bring the shades of change into the black and white world. These aspects are personified in the intriguing choreography that pulls the viewers into the philosophy of Yin Yang.

Organized by The Shandong Academy of Fine Arts a China Performing Arts Agency (CPAA) in collaboration with the Performance Infinity.

entry: vstup voľný