Saturday at 8:00 PM

Imago Sonoris | Lost Time? (cinema for the ears)

entry: 5 €

Authors of music L. Kupkovič / Music of Today, K. Odstrčil, R. Pepucha, J. Ďuriš, F. Bogdan, M. Grolmus, starring B. Belorid (trombone), S. Palúch (violin), R. Pepucha (electronics), L. Ďurišová (cello), R. Hertl (mag. pás), réžia filmov Z. Jasenková, Š. Lelovič, A. Kojnok


IMAGO SONORIS – there’s no dance – there’s no music – there’s resonance – there’s hallucination – there is a message and a form of magic. IMAGO SONORIS | A walk through the gardens of the pictures of this world.


“Cinema for the ears” is yet another live recording of the audiovisual composition of concert passages electroaccoustic music recordings and short films. Live streaming at Rádiu Devín: Ex Tempore 15. November 2019.


Organized by Experimental Studio Bratislava / RTVS.

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entry: 5 €