Thursday at 7:00 PM

Heritages: Ján Pálka in the name of progress

entry: dobrovoľné vstupné

Thursday / 19.00 / presentation/ voluntary entry

Once upon a time there was a capitalist who shared the ownership of his factory with his workers.
He promised them a significant share of the annual profit and educational activities. Was he a
defender or a critic of Marx? A visionary of European Union, liberal Christian and a critic of bigoted
believers had stirred the stagnant Slovak waters one hundred years ago.
Heritages are a new cultural-educational format that involves reading and interpretation of archive
materials and shows the gravitation of Slovak writers to humanist and democratic values. The
program also includes audiovisual projection about the first Czechoslovak republic.
Presented by Mgr. Lukáš Krajčír, PhD., researcher of the Slovak historical institute of Matica

entry: dobrovoľné vstupné