Wednesday at 7:00 PM


entry: 4 € / 1 € študenti

Wednesday / 19.00 / kino inak + discussion / 4 € / 1 € students
Directed by Viera Čákanyová, CZ/SK, 75 min., Slovak subtitles

The artificial intelligence is growing exponentially as the climate crisis gets more urgent and
irreversible every day. Frem is a unique documentary that reflects the face of nowadays world and
captures the world of nature beyond the borders of human perception of reality. It is a result of
isolated film shooting in the extreme conditions in Antarctica. Frem examines the beautiful and
endangered land using excitingly non-human optics of a non-human entity with autonomous
consciousness. Abruptly interrupted fragments of sounds or voice-over and the melting visuals
together with the mysterious visual form create a disturbing philosophical reflection of the limits of
anthropological thinking.

Discussion about artificial intelligence and climate crisis follows after the screening.
In cooperation with Film Expanded.

entry: 4 € / 1 € študenti