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Out of context: Defrosted Bird Recipe (stream)

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☢ Series of genrefluid audiovisual mixtapes & performances provided by the A4 community ☢
Playing and experiment with formats and everyday tools. Connecting through the internet because what else is there to do 🙃
Defrosted birds flying around.
Riding on a wave of a spring breeze.
Flirting. Screaming.
Behind the window:
Staring. Jealous.
One – freshly defrosted bird – stops by.
Sits on my window.
Blinks at me – while chewing a gum.
Asks me to join him to have some fun.
“I’m not allowed,” I say.
He doesn’t get it.
“It’s too late. The police would get me.”
Bird thinks for a sec.
And sings me a recipe :
~ softly defrost with a spring pop
~ heat up with r’n’b hits
~ extract the juices with alté cruise tunes
~ shake the flesh to afropop & afro beats
~ boil the liquids in a smooth soul
~ add some classic funk spices
~ don’t forget some autotune & trap sprinkles
Wishes me a good evening.
Flies away.
I’m gonna give it a try.
Defrosted bird recipe.
Bring a towel.
( Cooked by seafur. )
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entry: dobrovoľné