Sunday at 10:00 AM

wwwhat ? Initiation to creative programming and web technology with P5.JS

entry: 10 € registration

P5.JS is a programming environment transporting Processing to the Internet. The two tools are favorites of artists creating interactive installations, web design, creative applications and other audio-visual shenanigans. It is also a way for aspiring coders to get a feel for Javascript with enough backdoors to survive headaches and frustrations that inevitably go with programming. During this workshop you will learn about creative disruptions of the web and write your own first programs, so that we can all keep on spreading badly written and half broken yet poetic pieces of code in the scary, mighty World Wide Web. 


Lecturer Alexandra Verzier is an artist and a graduate of Media Technology at Leiden University.


The capacity is limited, register at workshop@a4.sk


Organized as a part of a project of international cooperation Re-Imagine Europe, co-financed by EU programme Creative Europe, Slovak Arts Council and the City of Bratislava.

entry: 10 € registration