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Futurit: Let us do it, at last! How does new music (still) have it harder than the old one?

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The tension between old and young was what made pop music what it was – for the longest time. Youth is the motor of new music and music markets. But new music has it harder to “make it” – since the old music pushes it out not only by its numbers in sales – but also in our subconsciousness. 


The newest hits get their attention, but the money is made through the old songs. What is going on? Is it really true that music was better then and today’s creations are not worth much? Is it because the old music is easy to find now? Do young people even want to listen to new music?


Huge sums that the stars of the past are still earning for sales of their old music don’t seem to represent much hope for the future. In pop-culture the old music might soon be just everywhere. 

Why is it happening, where can it lead and how to get out of it? How did it work in the past? You can find all (and more) about this in the new lecture by Peter Dolník!

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