Friday at 8:00 PM

Lisek & Knapp & Suchánek

entry: 8 € / reduced 2 €

Friday / 20.00 / audiovisual performance / 8 € / reduced price 2 €

What do artificial intelligence, robotics and experimental music have in common? International trio will introduce new audiovisual performances created during the residency of Robert B. Lisek in A4 as a part of Visegrad Art Residency Program – including laser and video projection connected with experimental sound synthesis, infrasound and interventions of robotic objects.

Lisek is an electronic music composer, multimedia artist and author of numerous projects somewhere between spectral, stochastic or concrete music and noise art. In his new project Lisek will introduce his latest work in collaboration with Austrian electronic musician Manuel Knapp and Czech artist Jiři Suchánek, who will bring his instalation Perplex, consisting of rotating acoustic mirrors.


Organized with support of the International Visegrad Fund, Slovak Art Council and Bratislava City Foundation. 

entry: 8 € / reduced 2 €