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/CANCELED/ Debata_A4: End of the 2% for NGOs?

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The Minister of Labor suggested that the parental pension should not be paid from contributions but from taxes. People have to choose whether they will contribute two percent of their income tax to their parents pension, NGO’s or their children’s after school activities. This would give the government money for a part of the increase in thirteenth pensions, while the parental pension would be significantly reduced. 

Among the non-governmental organizations that benefit from the two percent of taxes system, there are not only human rights organizations that hinder politicians the most, but also many cultural, social or charitable organizations or civic associations that help finance primary and secondary schools. In addition to reducing the so-called parental pensions the proposed solution will cause a reduction of non-governmental incomes.

Citizens donated 43 million euros last year through two percent of the tax paid. This amount is likely to decrease significantly. What do the data say about the functioning of the two percent allocation so far?

What would be the effect of the intended legal regulation of the public service activities of many NGOs? 

Discussion participants: Marcel Zajac, chairman of the Chamber of NGOs at the Council of the Government of the Slovak Republic for NGOs and representative of the OZ Plamienok

Dramaturgy and moderation of the debate: Bohdan Smieška

Financially supported by public funding through Slovak Arts Council.

entry: free admission