Thursday at 7:30 PM

Jak Uzovic: Consciousness of Objects // Celestína Minichová: Standing Piece(s)

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Eternal Daily Sisyphus Pushing the Deafening Mass Up the Hill to the Sky and Above the Horizon – the Edge of Consciousness. For the Contemporary Human, Deafening.

A performative event consisting of 2 performances throughout A4’s space. They require us to approach time and what surrounds us differently – to notice, to be interested, to linger, to explore, to stay with situations as disinterested entities, or even to engage with them. 

Jak Uzovic: Consciousness of Objects

19:30 – approximately 1 hour – main hall

The Consciousness of Objects performance is dynamic in its internal tension, sharing and sonic narration of the search for the remains of emotional traces. Feel free to enter and exit, but of course its ambition is to be experienced compactly throughout.

//Consciousness of mass – the matter – is it able to queer? Not to freeze in one haunting pose? To form from endlessly? The yearning to flow – be able to exist simultaneously and in another beginning cease with grace. To loop – repeat in fair share while mourning, wanting to lose control. Let us be with, through and within object relationalities to acknowledge the invisible slowly approaching deafening. Void. Imbalance of control – freedom share enables us with the possibility to contemplate life – how we become – how we are – how we die?

Celestína Minichová: Standing Piece(s)

19:30 – approximately 1 hour – small hall, A4 kafé

For the duration of Standing Piece(s), which runs simultaneously with the performance Consciousness of Objects, the café will remain a café, the small hall a small hall, the stairs will still be stairs, but new angles of looking and perceiving will be offered, which you may or may not capture, notice or interact with.

//(M)others feet root into the soil of persistence. Where does the xeno movement begin? Inside the form at the correct space-time of resistance. All feel shared cracks – dryness – lasting from within. Still with no fear of dying. No fear of death. Numb hands. Rotating spine. Multiplied emotional state. Spinning head. Suffering the oppression – colonised by the environment. Collectiveness. To gaze from the inside out and from the outside within. Where does one body end and the other begin? Invisible relations merge. They adjust the need to share. The urge to feel. Land-space forms abandon greyness for other – attempts to heal. They refuse to lack emotional movement. To lack mind’s meal. Therefore they hurt together and ease each other’s pains while experiencing… 

During this unconventional composition of events there will be “navigators” in the A4 space, people you can ask if something is unclear, something interests you, or if you need help to better grasp what you have – perhaps even mistakenly and unknowingly – entered.



Jakub Užovič (*1996, Nitra). In his artistic work, Jak primarily inclines towards performance. He works with intermedial overlaps of sculpture, object installations, performance, music, and sound elements, while trying to create a certain relationship between the performer, himself, and the object.
An important element in his performances is not only this entanglement of the living and the inanimate, but also the destruction of both. He destroys objects in a destructive way or even hits them with his own body and thereby tries to find the boundaries of his own body, physicality – his own materiality. In his works he often refers to the search of boundaries within and outside of society.

Celestína Minichová (*2001, Bratislava) is a transmedia art student at VŠVU/AFAD in studio vvv. She focuses on performativity, creation of sound-scapes and (non)site-specific environments. Becoming otherwise together with xeno creatures of medianatures – here, there and in between with consequences.

This is the first in a series of performative events that will take place at A4 – Space for Contemporary Culture during 2024.

Financially supported by the Slovak Art Council and the Foundation of the City of Bratislava.

entry: pay what you can