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The Zone of Interest

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Directed by Jonathan Glazer (GB/PL/US), 2023, 105 min., German language + Czech subtitles

Rudolf, Hedwig and their four children live in a large house with a beautiful, well-kept garden. Every day they enjoy dinner together, reminisce about their beloved Italy, enjoy weekend trips to the water and walks with friends. However, from behind the walls of their home come disturbing noises and the occasional desperate scream. The man of the house is Rudolf Höss, commander of the Auschwitz concentration camp.

“I want this film to be a little bit about us. About how we are most afraid of being like Hedwig and Rudolf. They were human beings too,” Glazer explains his decision to portray Höss and his family in as civilized a light as possible.

Classification guidelines: 15+, violence
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entry: presale 4 € / 3 € reduced // at the door 5 €