Thursday at 7:00 PM

Tepláreň naživo: Being different doesn’t mean being sick

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What does it actually mean to be ‘normal’? Is it okay to call someone crazy? Which brain is the ‘different’ one and which one is okay? What is a congenital condition or givenness and what is a disease? Are people with autism, ADHD or Tourette’s a natural part of society? What is the awareness of the topic of neurodiversity within the queer community? And what is life like for people who have several of those ‘othernesses’ at once?

This will be discussed as part of the Tepláreň naživo debate with psychologist and lecturer Viera Hincová and transgender autistic woman Riley Crawford. The debate will be moderated by Roman Samotný.

Tepláreň naživo is a series of debates that show different aspects of the lives of LGBTIQ+ people and bring closer the issues that the queer community in Slovakia is dealing with. The event is supported by Rosa Luxemburg-Stiftung, representation in the Czech Republic.

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