May 11

Multi-culti evening of contemporary electro in A4

A French guy, Hungarian guy and a Brit meet in Bratislava’s A4. Sounds like an exposition of a joke but it’s a line-up of a slightly unusual Sunday’s evening soirée. The contemporary experimental electronics connect the audiophile visions and virtual reality. Get ready for defragmentation of your memory discs in the spirit of the post-club aesthetics- on the Sunday of 20th May in A4!
Bintahaha is a project of the Parisian artist and producer William Binta. His music is often influenced by horror visions that emerge from the world of fantasy and chaos. Through sound improvisation Bintahaha reflects on the borders between material world and the spiritual world while creating fascinating digital surfaces somewhere between pop-culture and dark corners of never-before-discovered sonic universes. In cooperation with Alley Catss, who is the second guest of the evening, he released the album Split, that has two versions – a digital one, but also can be found on a good old tape.
Máté Janky aka Alley Catss is a young visual artists from Hungarian Székesfehérvár, who currently resides and works in Budapest. He’s been working as a producer since 2011 (since he was 11 years old) when he got captivated by the aesthetics of electro music that offered him a wide range of options for self-expression. His production was influenced by the internet, virtuality, digital spaces and also the Boards of Canada. Alley Catss creates frenetic eclectic musical experiments in a mixture of ambient surfaces, abstract sounds and fragments of dance music. This principle is being applied also into his live sets in which improvisation and coincidence is crucial – which makes each set original and specific. He is also in charge of his own music label Daddypower Records on which he also released the above mentioned music project Split. For the year 2018 Alley Catts became one of the nominees of the SHAPE platform, a pan-european initiative supporting talented artists of the underground scene.
The third guest that will present his work on this Sunday’s soirée is BZGRL, known also as Adam Juraszek. BZGRL comes from London and is based in Bratislava after graduating the well known Institute of Sonology. He is a musician and a producer swimming in the gloomy waters of post-grime, noise and musique concrète. His approach to music brought a fresh wind to the local scene of the experimental deconstructed club beats. It’s also worth mentioning that one of his musical projects can be found on compilations with names such as FIS or Roly Porter.
The evening was supported by the Slovak Fund for Supporting the Arts and the Bratislava region.