The creation of electronic sounds continues! We invite you to the VCV Rack II.

Express your sound fantasies! This is an invitation to the continuation of the workshop series that will teach you how to create music using popular modular synthesizers. The second workshop will take place this Saturday of 27th of March at 14:00 in A4.

While the workshop VCV Rack I. was the intro into creating electronic sounds suitable also for beginners, the second edition will be a bit more scientific and also more hands o. “A part of the second workshop will be dedicated to recording entries from VCV Rack. First we will deal with making more complicated sequences and towards the end of the workshop we will look at how to record your outcome” says the lecturer Ondřej Spiritza. It is not necessary to take part in the first workshop in order to attend the second one although the levels of technicality are increasingly higher – and that’s why now it is the time to join in and get a chance to learn to create via modular synthesis. Under Ondrej’s guidance you will be introduced to the basics of creating and processing sounds using oscillators and simple filters and sequencers.

preto máte jedinečnú možnosť naučiť sa tvoriť cez modulárnu syntézu a zapojiť sa do vzdelávacieho cyklu.Pod Ondrejovým vedením sa zoznámite so základmi vytvárania a spracúvania zvuku pomocou oscilátorov, jednoduchých filtrov a sekvencerov.

The lecturer Ondřej Spiritza is a musical enthusiast, he plays in multiple bands and likes to “solder stuff” in free time. He says: “In the past the synthesizers were, unfortunately, exclusive for people who could afford them. Soldering stuff also isn’t for everybody and therefore a lot of talented people didn’t have a chance to create. Towards the end of 2017 VCV Rack appeared – a program that is open source and basically free. It seemed useless to sit at home and keep everything to myself so I decided to start doing workshops about it.”

Software VCV Rack

Practical workshops are made for enthusiasts of electronic music that would like to learn how to make them using the program VCV Rack. This open source software is gaining more and more fans that are keen on making music with popular modular synthesizers. One of the advantages of the software version is besides its price also an almost endless flexibility thanks to which every user and creator can let their sound fantasies run wild and free. Come to express yourself this Saturday at 14:00 at A4 – Space for contemporary culture.

VCV Rack:

It is necessary to bring your own laptop and earphones to the workshop. The fee is 10 EUR, capacity is limited so register soon at