piatok o 20:00

SAFESPACE #1 Self-Connection (Deep House, DnB)

vstupné: free entry

Our new volunteers are here for almost two moths, and we are glad to present the first event organized by Philippe.
Friday night between 20h and 22h30 at A4 Café, SAFESPACE presents to you our French/Korean volunteer and DJ : Self-Connection. His diverse musical universe includes deeper kind of house, deep techno, DnB, or psytrance just to cite a few. This evening will be focused on deep house and earlier DnB.
Free entrance.
SAFESPACE intends to create carefully curated atmospheres where you will feel comfortable just being yourself. Differences and diversity will be respected.
Here are our rules :
– Be yourself
– Don’t put people in boxes
– Respect when someone says no to you.
If you witness any inappropriate behaviors (homophobia, transphobia, racism, xenophobia, misogyny disrespect of any kind) please address to the staff.

vstupné: free entry