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Safespace: selfconnexion / Alyen

vstupné: vstupné dobrovoľné

A4 – Space for Contemporary Culture is happy to announce the second launch of our SAFESPACE event. Our French/Korean volunteer and host selfconnexion is going to dive you into the world of even deep techno, house, and breakbeat. Our guest, Alyen ( https://www.facebook.com/alyen.music ), with her epic cinematic electronic music, will also guarantee the journey to yourself and other dimensions.
SAFESPACE intends to curate an atmosphere where you feel comfortable just being yourself. Differences and diversity are respected here.
Here are our rules:
– Be yourself
– Don’t put people in boxes
– Respect when someone says no to you.
If you witness any inappropriate behaviors (homophobia, transphobia, racism, xenophobia, misogyny, or disrespect of any kind), please address them to the staff.
Free entrance, guys! It’s time to enjoy art and humanity.

vstupné: vstupné dobrovoľné