01. mája

The Stoka Theatre: Uncertain Ground (Intraspecies Aggression)

[ENG version]
Written by Braňo Mosný, Peter Tilajčík, Blaho Uhlár, with texts by Jack London, Czesław Miłosz, László Jávor, performed by Braňo Mosný, Peter Tilajčík, visual concept Miriam Struhárová, directed by Blaho Uhlár, translation Ivan Lacko
The performance was conceived using the method of collaborative creation, by means of improvisations with no specific goals being set in advance. The action is therefore motivated by the actors’ consciousness, or, even more significantly, by their subconscious. The two actors meet in interactive dialogue and often find themselves in irresolvable conflict that attains ancient theatrical dimensions demonstrating human intraspecies aggression which has become amonstrous part of our communication. The performers play with various theatre approaches, including commedia dell’arte, butoh, the expressive techniques of poor theatre, expressionism, variety shows, and grotesque sketches, all of which result in – owing to the acting virtuosity of both protagonists absorbed by authentic action in full physical engagement – what seems like poor theatre orgies on the border of vaudeville and avantgarde.