17. októbra

Impro Café: Bea Labikova (sax), Raphael Roter (percussion) and others

A4 Priestor súčasnej kultúry
// Impro Café: Bea Labikova (sax), Raphael Roter (percussion) and others //

Nepravidelný cyklus koncertov v A4 Kafé zameraný na improvizovanú hudbu a hudobné kolaborácie pokračuje medzinárodným večerom. Slovensko-kanadská saxofonistka Bea Labikova a kanadský perkusionista Raphael Roter vytvoria unikátny ansámbel so slovenskými hudobníkmi: Lenka Novosedlíková (perkusie, viola), Sisa Suchánková (flauta), Matej Sloboda (pozauna), Veronika Vitázková (bansuri, dizi, írske flauty), Robert Kolář (trúbka, krídlovka), Michal Matejka (el. gitara), Paulína Rónaiová (hoboj), Martina Kachová (hlas).


Bea Labikova is a Slovak-Canadian saxophonist and improviser. Her music is rooted in her interest in contemporary improvisation, modern jazz, Carnatic music and folk music from various cultures. Bea is drawn towards exploring connections between different forms of art through free improvisation. She also adapted the instrument Fujara for use in free improvisation, taking it out of its traditional folk music context. Bea draws a lot inspiration from the diversity of our world. She has collaborated on projects with musicians from Botswana, Nigeria, Iran, Azerbajan, India and Eastern Europe, among others.

Raphael Roter is a music educator, dance accompanist and drumset player based out of Toronto. ​As a drumset player, Raphael plays in the 11-piece band, Asiko Afrobeat Ensemble. Their first Canadian album was met with critical acclaim and they have featured at a number of prominent shows including the Toronto Jazz Festival, Guelph Jazz Festival and Afrofest and have played alongside Seun Kuti, and Antibalas & Zap Mama. Raphael also plays drumset on a freelance basis and has played and recorded with Doug Tielli, Adam Rudolf, Meliani Brulee, Trisha Foster, Patrick Hewan and Aline Morales. Among Raphael’s other achievements as a performer, he directed and conducted the street percussion group Samba Elegua and has toured in Europe and Canada’s east coast with a the performing dance group Lila Ensemble.


A non-regular series of concerts in A4 Café focused on improvised music and collaborations
Nepravidelný cyklus koncertov v A4 Kafé zameraný na improvizovanú hudbu a hudobné kolaborácie.


Created with support from FPU and BSK.

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